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only | a silk scrunchie - triple pack (baby)


  • three baby scrunchies in your choice of colours (1cm)
  • made from onlysilk (and elastic)


parents everywhere rejoice. we've done it! a pure mulberry silk scrunchie for your little one that won't pull on hair or come off at the drop of a hat. our baby silk scrunchie has been specifically designed to let toddlers navigate the challenges of life whilst looking 110% on point. 


adult supervision recommended. 

only | a silk scrunchie - triple pack (baby)

colour # 1
colour # 2
colour # 3
  • specifications

    only | a silk scrunchie uses onlysilk, which is handcrafted from ultra luxurious 22 momme grade 6a mulberry silk for superior longevity.


    unlike other hair accessories, onlysilk is completely free from allergens and reduces hair frizz to prevent kinks.


    this means an onlysilk scrunchie lets you seamlessly wear your hair however you choose, making it the ideal partner to help you slay your day.


    caring for onlysilk

    onlysilk can be machine washed on a delicates washing cycle (30°C), or cold hand wash to ensure it retains its luxurious silk feel.


    onlysilk can be ironed inside out using a cool iron.