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only | a silk cot slip - navy


  • one pure mulberry silk cot slip (50cm x 140-150cm)
  • adjustable nylon stretch mesh to fit any size bassinet / cot mattress
  • designed in accordances with SIDS Australia guidance


a balding baby!? surely not!


give your baby the best by sleeping on premium grade onlysilk, a super luxe 22 momme mulberry silk infused with non-toxic dyes which reduces friction whilst sleeping. this cot slip aids in actively minimising baby’s bald spots and easing symptoms associated with cradle cap and eczema, ensuring they’ll wake up looking cuter than ever.


will this fit my mattress?


only | a silk cot slip has been designed to fit all size cot mattress, including bassinet mattresses. the nylon mesh includes an adjustable velcro strap which allows the cot slip to expand from 140cm to 150cm, ensuring it's suitable for use from bassinet mattresses (including round / oval shape mattress) to full size cot mattress (including larger mattresses up to 77cm wide). in the event there is excess material when adjusted to your mattress size, it is strongly recommended that any excess material be tucked under the mattress to ensure the cot slip remains flush on the sleeping surface. 


this product is not recommended for use on a travel cot mattress, due to its thickness compared to regular bassinet / cot mattreses. however, if you wish to use the only | a silk cot slip on a travel mattress, any excess fabric must be tucked in under the mattress.

only | a silk cot slip - navy

  • specifications

    only | silk uses onlysilk for all its products, which is handcrafted from ultra luxurious 22 momme grade 6a mulberry silk for superior longevity.


    only | a silk cot slip has been designed exclusively by only | silk and conforms to SIDS Australia recommendations to ensure no loose fabric remains on the sleeping surface. the mulberry silk sleeping surface spans a generous 50cm x 90cm to ensure it will fully cover the widest of mattresses and provide your precious one the full benefits of onlysilk as it moves during sleep.  


    all parts (except the stretch nylon mesh) of an only | a silk cot slip are made from 100% onlysilk, resulting in the highest of luxury for your baby.


    unlike regular cotton or bamboo bed sheets which can cause skin irritation, balding and worsen cradle cap, onlysilk is a non-toxic dyed breathable pure mulberry silk that reduces friction to prevent baldness whilst helping skin retain moisture throughout the night.


    caring for onlysilk

    onlysilk can be machine washed on a delicates washing cycle (30°C), or cold hand wash to ensure it retains its luxurious silk feel. 


    and if you're feeling posh, onlysilk can be ironed inside-out using a cool iron.


    when not in use, we recommend storing the cot slip in the included reusable storage pouch to avoid damage.

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