only | silk x tnb - awaken your senses


  • one tnb matte black cafetera
  • one only | silk super luxe eye mask in your choice of colour
  • one bag of organic fair trade arabica coffee beans (ground)


could we really call ourselves proud melbournians if we didn't sell coffee?


the  "awaken your senses"  is an experential gift pack for those in need of the perfect gift for someone that's hard to buy for. the package includes an only | silk pure mulberry silk eye mask in your choice of colours, along with a tnb matte black cafetera and bag of ground organic fair trade arabica coffee beans from our friends at the native barista. 


whether its night or day, this gift pack will help awaken senses and provide a truly unique experience. 

only | silk x tnb - awaken your senses

eye mask colour
  • specifications


    only | silk uses onlysilk for all its products, which is handcrafted from ultra luxurious 22 momme grade 6a mulberry silk for superior longevity.


    only | a silk eye mask


    all parts (except the elastic band) of an only | a silk eye mask are made from 100% onlysilk, resulting in one of the softest eye masks you've worn yet. 


    this means that unlike regular eye masks which can clog pores and compress your eyelashes, onlysilk will leave your lashes plump and allow your skin to breathe at night. 


    with an onlysilk eye mask, you will truly understand the meaning of beauty sleep. 


    tnb matte black cafetera


    known as a Cafetera, moka pot or simply a stove top espresso maker, these provide a compact and cost efficient way to make espresso like coffee at home. all you need is ground beans, some water, and a stovetop.


    organic fair trade coffee beans


    velvety smooth, rich and well balanced with a vibrant floral aroma. bright stone fruit flavours carry through in the espresso to finish nutty on the palate. earthy notes are pronounced with cacao and sweet caramel


    caring for onlysilk

    onlysilk can be machine washed on a delicates washing cycle (30°C), or cold hand wash to ensure it retains its luxurious silk feel.


    and if you're feeling posh, onlysilk can be lightly ironed using a cool iron (or inside-out)


    when not in use, we recommend storing your eye mask in the included reusable storage pouch to avoid damage.


    using the tnb matte black cafetera

    1) unscrew the cafetera and fill with water (pre-warmed ideally), up until the safety valve. on our cafetera's, these are a gold screw

    2) fill the coffee basket up to the brim and level off to the brim, place this basket on top of the filled water

    3) screw on the top and place over the fire onto a medium heat

    4) wait 3-4 mins until all the coffee has been extracted into to the top section of the cafetera

    5) pour out an espresso and enjoy